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Pork barrel issue

By on September 2nd, 2013 under Wealth of Advice

Francisco J. Colayco
Francisco J. Colayco

It was too late to send an article to Good News Pilipinas for the Aug. 26 rally. However, I was able to send out an article for Aug 24 to another paper I have a regular column in.

On hindsight, the rally was peaceful and successful and hopefully, the government will be taking the necessary steps for transparency in government expenditures. There may be need to continue to pressure government and not forget these absolutely shocking and regrettable developments. Thus, I would like to express my personal evaluation.

In personal finance, we always remind people of the importance of KNOWING WHERE YOUR MONEY IS GOING. List your expenses down to the last centavo.

Our taxes are our money. We should know where it is going – down to the last centavo. There are people who do not file Income Tax for valid reasons. However, if you buy anything, you are paying tax because there are Value Added Tax and Sales Tax already included in every item that you buy. Unless you are a complete pauper, you do contribute to the government, one way or the other.

It is really therefore just right that you and I know where the money goes. We do not ask for this accounting regularly but we expect the government to do its job of keeping tab of it. With this Napoles scam discovery, we should be enlightened and demand for better accountability. The billions and billions of pesos lost could have gone to so many worthwhile projects to help all Filipinos. You can read details about this in newspapers and websites and be appalled.

If the re is no clear accountability, at the very least, the PDAF should be immediately suspended INDEFINITELY!!! If legally feasible, it should be abolished right away! It’s just simple good governance. What moral ascendancy does the government have in enforcing tax collection if it cannot be held accountable for expenditures?

You can sign the petitions clamoring for good governance, accountability & transparency in government.

You may think that they are only one voice. But that is how it starts. Remember the name of my books and seminars is Pisobilities. Why? Because possibilities or opportunities start with one peso. You cannot start without one peso just as you cannot start a change in the PDAF or PORK without your one voice.

Our CFE Team was in Luneta on Aug. 26. It was an enjoyable crowd but we hope there might be no need to go out again. Check out and for more information.

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Jollibee Family Values Rewards